About Tim Burt: Professional Experience

Tim Burt

Global marketing expert – Advertising coach and consultant – Professional speaker

“An advertisement is a business card, not a brochure.”

— Tim Burt,
the Commercial Professor

Advertising and marketing expert Tim Burt has written, recorded, and/or produced over 30,000 commercials in his 20+ year broadcasting career for companies worldwide. He coaches industry leaders and business owners on how to utilize proven psychological tactics that create effective advertisements across any platform.

Tim has made it his personal mission to educate advertising professionals and business owners on how to apply those principles to market better, smarter, and more effectively.

Tim’s passion for coaching isn’t about dispensing information — it’s about transformation.

After years in the industry, and encountering countless ineffective commercials on the air and in print, Tim developed a comprehensive approach to commercial creation and production, founded on psychological techniques. His principles are guaranteed to change the way business owners and advertising professionals view the business and their advertisements.

Tim knows the industry every step of the way: how to help clients focus on their unique message; how to write effective commercial copy quickly and efficiently; how to apply psychology to create money-generating spots; and how to mentor audio talent for better reads that make better commercials.

In addition to commercial production and voice-over coaching, Tim is a global public speaker, international advertising business consultant.

He’s the founder and author of:

  • RestaurantMarketingSeries.com
  • “Move Your Food” video and consulting course for restaurants
  • the “Advertising Intervention” seminar
  • the “Marketing Intervention” seminar

and more…