Step 1: Get The Three Rules Of Advertising

Is your advertising making – or costing – your business money?

There are three unbreakable rules in advertising any business. I’ll give them to you here (along with five tips), so you can implement them immediately.

Once you enter your information in the boxes on the right, you’ll get a confirmation email (to prevent spam email). Then, you’ll receive two videos. The first video contains the three unbreakable rules of advertising. The second video contains five tips to use in conjunction with those three rules. 

Just having this simple, easy to understand information will give your business an unfair advantage over your competition. 


What Is The “Advertising Seminar?”

It's Immediate Advertising Help For Your Business

In a short 30-minute presentation, I will transform how you approach and execute your advertising. With highly-focused, yet easy to understand training that I only do in these live seminars. The number of attendees is purposely kept small, because you get one-on-one time with me….and…

You Leave With A Commercial Script

Whether you’re selling to another business, or the public, you will leave my seminar with a script. Depending on your situation, you can take it to a radio or television station, online advertising company, etc., and put it to work immediately. 

Before You Attend...

You’ll get two videos packed with usable content, where I give you the same money-making tactics I use every day. These same techniques have helped businesses I’ve worked with generate untold millions of dollars over the past 25 years. They’re yours to keep forever.


Why does Tim believe that 99% of all advertising is a waste of money?

In this video, Tim explains why, and gives you three common mistakes to avoid if you’re a first-time advertiser, or your business has been advertising for decades. 

(Click here to listen to the audio-only version of this training)

Simple Advertising Principles From Tim Burt

Advertising's Purpose

“Your advertising isn’t meant to entertain. It is to get your target audience to act.”

Tim Burt

Educating Your Audience

“The audience only knows what your advertising directly – or indirectly – tells them.”

Tim Burt

Advertising vs. Marketing

“Advertising is the movie on the marquee. Marketing is smelling the popcorn.”

Tim Burt

Cute, Clever, And Funny Ads

“Don’t do what is cute, funny, or clever. Do what sells.”

Tim Burt

Your Business Has Value

“Don’t cheapen the value of your business with cheap advertising.”

Tim Burt

Control The Message

“When you control the message, you control the money.”

Tim Burt

Frequently Asked Questions

You should attend this seminar if: 

  1. You own a business (regardless of size), and your advertising is not bringing in the traffic it should (and deserves).
  2. You’re smart enough to realize that you’re really good at running your business, and you need a specialized advertising expert in your corner.
  3. You’re ready to start crushing your competition.

You should not attend this seminar if:

  1. Your business is consistently getting more customers and traffic than you know what to do with.
  2. You’re not open to a straightforward, honest assessment of your advertising and marketing.
  3. You think you won’t possibly learn anything new or insightful.


What kind of clients do you work with?

I only work with businesses that know they need help with their advertising. I’ve helped international corporations, all the way down to businesses with one employee.

Can I bring co-workers with me?

Absolutely! It is permitted, and strongly encouraged. You can bring up to 3 people from your team at no extra charge.

What if I don't need a commercial script?

No problem! I excel in devising promotions to frustrate your competition, critiquing your website and/or social media presence, and giving you online video strategies.

Are you available for ongoing consultations?

Certainly. As you’ll learn in my Advertising Seminar, I explain how critical it is to be ready to react when your competition realizes that you’re getting a lot more traffic…and they can’t figure out why.


Tim designed a flyer for us to hand out on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. It was actually a coupon disguised as a sales letter. It generated a 30% return to our restaurant that day.

Sheik Ramessar

Owner, Creme De La Crepe in Pasadena, California

Tim has an amazing ability to pull truthfulness from the client. The end result is a great commercial. It’s a great formula for success, and we’ve been doing it for a long, long time. The client likes the results. We’re not going to change, and it’s all because of Tim Burt.

Joe Stephenson

Owner, Home Ad, Inc.

Tim helped us to write a very appealing format for our direct mail, which really helped our classes by attracting many students. To involve his advice in our advertising campaign was the best decision we ever made.

Sagar Sharma

Owner, Sagar Classes, Mumbai

This is the most information dense seminar I’ve attended in 2015. Thank you!

Morgan Perry

Business Specialist, Mid-Continent Public Library in Kansas City, Missouri

I never thought we’d be able to compete with the larger ad agencies, but now we are. Tim helped us define the true purpose of advertising. If you’re serious about growing your business effectively, talk to Tim right now.

Priscilla Gonzalez

Founder, Castle Vision Marketing

What I’ve really learned from Tim is how to market what works to give the client the best results. You’re definitely getting an expert. He’s someone that will take the time to teach, explain things, and guide you.

Jamaine Semple

Owner, Jamaine Semple Marketing in Antigua

Consider These Startling Statistics:


Persons age 12+ who listen to radio weekly

Average # Of Advertising Messages A Consumer Hears, Reads, and Sees Daily Combined (Radio, t.v., web, etc.)

Average Number Of Seconds Spent Looking At A Billboard

Tim Burt media appearances include The Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Arizona Republic, LM Radio, Small Business Show, And More

Booking Information

The “Advertising Seminar is designed for small business networking groups, and broadcast media outlets.

Individual, private consultations are also available.

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